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Run Free!

Back to reality after an amazing time at Free Runners – this autumn’s Shanghai-wide youth retreat. The emphasis was on the Word of God; how we must have a hunger for It. Just as we feed our physical body, our spirit needs nourishment. The 5 youth pastors each gave a talk and the sessions built […]


If you think about it, we only really live in the now. Every second that goes by is a second that we can’t get back. Ever! So we must cherish what we have now, right this moment. Otherwise, whilst in the process of squandering the present, we are not creating a substantially good memory for […]

The Bloom Of Death

There were many nuggets to be gleaned at the seminar last Saturday. But there was one particular thing that struck me and that was when Dr Faro explained about abiding in God and related this to the beauty of a cut flower. So long as we are bound to the proper Wellspring, lifeblood flows in […]